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How ABC Content Can Help Your Business:

Content Development

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Lead Generation

  • Writing Articles, Content, Blog Posts, Blogging
  • Ongoing Creative Engaging Content for your Website or Blog
  • Creating Lead Magnets, Guides, White Papers, Infographics, Reports
  • Creating and Managing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Newsletter
  • Creating and Managing Email Sequence for your Subscribers
  • Sending Email Blasts and Building Subscribers Email Lists
  • Managing Social Media Marketing Accounts
  • Creating Content for Social Media Platforms and Blogs
  • Daily and Weekly Social Media Updates
  • Building Lead Generation Lists for Email, Phone and Direct Mail
  • Pay per click (PPC) Management and Optimization
  • Creating Targeted Special Offers and Events to Generate Leads

We'll Customize The Right Services For Your Business Based On Your Specific Needs

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 Articles per week

1 2 2

 Social blog posts per week

  2 4

 Twitter posts per week

  5 10

 Pinterest posts per week


 Monthly fee

$299 $499 $599


Service description:

  • Article: Each article is 900-1,000 words long. The content is SEO optimized around your target keyword.
  • Social blog post: Article 400-500 words long posted on wordpress or tumblr blog with link going to your new article.
  • Tweet: Post on tweeter containing a link to your new article.
  • Pinterest post: Image post with link to your new article.
  • Benefits: Ongoing content creation is key for generating leads online. In a few months these services wil help you get higher ranking in search engines like google, bing and yahoo so more people will find you when they look for the type of services you offer, which means more leads and customers for your business. Old school marketing is great and necessary but online lead generation can bring new customers who are not part of your network.
  • The subscription payments are securely managed by PayPal. You will be charged once a month for the plan you subscribe for. There is no contract or any long term obligation to use these services. You can cancel the service at anytime by emailing us or by canceling the service in your PayPal account and you will not be charged again.
  • Your part: All we need from you is the title for your article and the target keyword (this is the keyword that people use to find your services online). Once a week simply email us your title and keyword for the next week and you are all set! Everything will be done within 3 business days. We can deliver the article as a word file or text file or we can post it directly to your website or blog and email you the link to your new content.

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We are an experienced team of MBAs, Internet Marketing Experts and Copywriters helping accountants, bookkeepers and financial services providers generate more leads and customers through content marketing and online marketing. We can create any type of content for your business from sales pages and social media content to lead generation magnets and highly technical articles on accounting and financial analysis.

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